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Tomato Pie 

*Post by Mark.

It's comforting to know that all the way on the other side of this huge country I can still grab a hot slice from the northeast. It's a weird shift that 'East Coast Flavors' are suddenly the exotic when they're all I've known. But Tomato Pie, a little hole-in-the-wall on Melrose, offers thin, crispy New York-style slices that are ready to satisfy any east coaster's nostalgia. And hunger.



Service isn't usually the most remarkable part of the experience in these types of establishments, but I was pleasantly surprised by accommodating smiles and an eagerness to help. I left under the impression that they actually cared. I'll be curious to head back and see if that's an attitude specific to the restaurant or if it was only specific to the day I went.

Most of Tomato Pie's business is done in the market of slices. With a selection of cooked pies all ready-to-go, you can mix and match slices at $3 a pop. There are a few tables inside, but the small space (below, left) is more of a waiting area until your pizza is ready. I polished off a side of potato salad (below, right) as my pizza was getting warmed up and then brought it to a table outside to enjoy in the afternoon sun. 



I tried two different slices. The first slice I went with was The Syracuse (below, left), topped with marinated, grilled chicken, hot sauce, spices and a touch of ranch. For the second slice - a specialty of the house - I went for The Grandma. She's topped with crushed marinated tomatoes, an olive oil base, fresh garlic, basil, oregano, and light mozzarella. The Syracuse turned out to be my favorite by a hair. 



Tomato Pie also has a location in Silverlake. They deliver and offer much more than just pizza. You can also get a nice inexpensive selection of subs, salads, and pastas

Tomato Pie Pizza Joint on UrbanspoonTomato Pie Pizza Joint on UrbanspoonTomato Pie Pizza Joint in Los Angeles on Fooddigger

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