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Lardon Truck

*Post by Mark.


Who remembers that borderline annoying commercial with the dog who keeps shouting "IIIIT'S BAAAA'-- well, you get the idea. As I strolled up to the Lardon Truck, I couldn't get that line unstuck from my head, 'cuz this truck promises an overload of everyone's favorite pork product with none other than Bacon! Bacon! Bacon! in everything they offer (except for maybe the bottled water). 

Every food truck needs a gimmick. Without one, you're just a glorified food stand serving things I could make at home. But, in my opinion, an all-bacon truck is one of the better gimmicks this side of Korean tacos. And their tag line "Get Your Lardon" makes me giggle every time. So I tracked @GetYourLardon down on twitter and brought friends with me, hoping we could dig a little deeper into the menu of the least kosher food truck in Los Angeles. 



We caught up with the Lardon Truck at Sunset and Cole. The truck was serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, when you can even get chicken wings covered in bacon hot sauce. Got a sweet tooth? There are "Lark Brownies" smeared with bacon Nutella and even chocolate chip and bacon cookies on the dessert menu.



As a side, we snagged a couple of 'Bacos' (below). Served alongside a horseradish-bacon sour cream, this sampling of cheddar and potatoes is wrapped (kind of) like a taco inside a crispy bacon shell ($4). Calling this a "taco" may be a little bit of a stretch, but just imagine that someone has wrapped up a present of cheesy hash browns for you, but instead of using wrapping paper? They've used bacon. If this sounds like your thing, it'll be like Christmas in your mouth.



I settled on the Frisee au Lardon Sandwich (below) which supplies a fried egg, lardon bites and a frisee tossed in vinaigrette ($6). It was here that I realized that the Lardon truck uses bacon as more than pure gimmick. In this sandwich, the small lardon pieces are a nice compliment to the tastefully prepared greens and the delicious brioche bun. I appreciated the restraint and enjoyed what turned out to be a pleasant and not-too-overwhelming lunch.



And what would a bacon truck be without their spin on the classic BLT? We get The Lardon BLT (below) which sticks relatively close to tradition. Made with peppered bacon, butter lettuce, tomatoes and St. Agur blue cheese, this BLT is a relatively hearty lunch option on a toasted baguette ($6). 



Next time, I think I need to bring a bigger appetite.* I didn't even make it into the dessert menu. Knowing how well bacon can be paired with chocolate, I'm still kicking myself for letting those bacon brownies escape. The Lardon Truck may have gotten away for now, but I'll be back. And when I return, there will be meat sweats... 

*Angela's note: Ahem, and maybe your girlfriend.

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Reader Comments (3)

I am so jealous right now. Do you know how well these meail? ;-)

November 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDebb

i meant, mail.

November 5, 2010 | Unregistered CommenterDebb

Hey now. He's gotta get ME one before we send one to you.

November 8, 2010 | Registered CommenterAngela

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