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8 Oz. Burger Bar

*Post by Mark.

The problem with having two authors is that occasionally they disagree. Sometimes they disagree a lot. No... no... we're not breaking up. But, we did have two starkly different opinions of the burgers at 8 Oz. Burger Bar on a recent visit. 



First, the good news. Angela liked it.

We'll get to the bad news in just a moment.



The Melrose location of 8 Oz. is one of three for the franchising company, with other outposts in Miami and Louisiana. The Burger Bar is a neighborhood pub at heart, with artisanal brews flowing freely and a hormone-free blend of beef comprising their burgers. Their burgers are highly customizable, but I thought for my first visit I'd stick to the signature burger and take it exactly how they were serving it.



Perhaps it's my fault for ordering incorrectly. But if ordering the recommended burger that bears the restaurant's name is incorrect, well... you can see where I'm going with this. I was struggling to find anything about the 8 oz. Burger (below, house blend, iceberg, pickles, tomato, white onion, 8 oz. special sauce) that I liked. The meat - whatever its quality - gets lost in a dollop of the "special sauce" (Thousand Island?), but the heaping pile of iceberg lettuce is the real ship-sinker. Take my words with a grain of salt - I hate iceberg lettuce on a sandwich, so this may have been the wrong burger for me. But then there is the matter of the bun - a bland piece of bread that couldn't bail this burger out.



On a positive note, the sides we ordered with our fries were fantastic in contrast. The roasted baby broccoli and fried pickles went down easy alongside our meals in lieu of fries. Angela went with a special for the evening in the Wild Boar Burger (below) - to its credit - a burger that Angela was relatively pleased with. The Wild Boar came free of any offensive sauces, and offered arugula in place of iceberg.  Angela enjoyed the strong flavor of the boar, the relative juiciness of the burger, and the crispness of the accompanying bacon.



I'd like to think there's a better burger to be had at 8 oz. Even though I failed to find it, I have friends who swear by this place. Looking through the selections on their menu I can't help but notice the fried mozzarella, cucumber raita, poblano relish, sunflower sprouts and charred escarole. I think I could make a pretty mean burger pairing the right ingredients. Next time? 

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8 Oz Burger Bar in Los Angeles on Fooddigger

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Reader Comments (5)

I've been waiting for this post! :) I enjoyed my burger (along with the my company of course) but it wasn't anything to... as they say... write home about. I guess I'm somewhere between the two of you. And LOOK, I made it in the first picture! I'm famous! Woot!

January 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterTrina

Yeah, Trina, I think the reason I didn't really care too much about the burger was because I was having such a nice time. Our decision on the burgers may be split, but we agree: you're so pretty, even if you are a little blurry (You should have a doctor look into that).

January 5, 2011 | Registered CommenterAngela

Mmmm frickles...

January 5, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterCap2Cap

re: "I hate iceberg lettuce on a sandwich"
TESTIFY! That makes 2 of us. If you can't at least get red leaf lettuce, I don't want the burger. That said, the "8oz" happens to be the worst of 8oz's burgers. Riddle me that. 8oz has lot going for 'em, great desserts, malts, they even substantially improved their bun since the start, but that losing namesake burger really needs to get edited.

January 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterSinoSoul


This is what everyone says, so I don't get why they'd stake the name of the franchise on their seemingly worst burger. Part of me wants to go back to give something else a shot, but there are way too many good burger places to be tried... Iceberg = gross. The only thing I'll tolerate it in is a wedge salad... no clue why so many people insist on ruining burgers with it.

January 6, 2011 | Unregistered CommenterMark

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