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Mozza 2 Go

*Post by Mark.

Can't get a reservation for Mozza? No worries! There's always Mozza 2 Go. Mozza for the Masses handles much of the spill-over for Nancy Silverton's uber-popular Pizzeria and Osteria. With take-out and delivery options available for the Pizzeria Mozza menu, 2 Go lets you eat the gourmet pies in the comfort of your own home...

or even the sidewalk on Highland avenue. 



With a hint of playful attitude, you can't miss a stamp that warns against reheating the pizza in the microwave (above). The warning does the trick. I can't help but start to feel like I'm being watched and I wouldn't want to see this Silverton lady angry. While I appreciate that Silverton cares to let her customers know the best way to eat her pizza, the food has effectively become someone else's when it walks out the door. The concept of quality control diminishes exponentially by the minute, and as the stamp suggests there is the inevitable x-factor of user error.



Mozza's pizza is beautifully presented with an eclectic mixture of top-quality ingredients. Our first choice was the Pizza Alla Benno (below, $16), topped with Speck, Pineapple, Jalapenos, Tomato and Mozzarella. A minor complaint I tend to have with gourmet pizzas is that the toppings are served whole. You're now left with two options. Either use a knife and fork or suffer the fate of all the toppings sliding off along with the cheese on your first bite. I refuse to eat pizza with anything other than my hands (although have been known to use a fork with Chicago-style Stuffed pizzas) so I'm resigned to the latter. I loved the combination of (spicy, sweet, meaty) flavors on the Benno but couldn't help wonder what it would've tasted like fresh out of the hot oven.



Pizza sizes are small (one reasonably hungry person should have no problem putting one away on their own), so we also got a regular Margherita (below, $13). I'm a quality-over-quantity guy any day of the week, but an hour removed from the oven, the quality of the pizzas is hardly discernible from the quality of other delivery options. To the pizza's credit, the small basil leaves were still agreeable and fresh. There are plenty of hints like this that encourage the in-person experience. 



Lastly, we threw in a side Antipasta of Farro, Cucumber, Feta and Tomato (below). It was a bummer for one of us that the menu hadn't mentioned the inclusion of red onion, but the salad was otherwise fresh and awesome. 



Considering the downsides of delivery, the cost becomes a recognizable issue. Unfortunately, I imagine there's those that may have gotten Mozza delivered only to write it off as being too expensive for what you get. If anything, Mozza 2 Go further convinced me to make the reservations and visit the Pizzeria in person. I'm hoping that a visit will present me with pizzas that stands apart from the crowd. But the next time I get pizza delivered, I'll probably be looking for a little more bang for my buck. 



We don't do too many delivery reviews. It'd be like doing a movie review on a bootlegged copy of a film. But Mozza 2 Go is specifically designed as a take away option which merits its own analysis. Props to Ms. Silverton for expanding the Mozza brand. I know she's got a business to consider. For my money, I guarantee that I'll be eating 'her' pizzas in 'her' restaurant in the future, where I know the quality is ensured and not left in the hands of amateurs to screw up. 

Mozza 2GO on Urbanspoon

Mozza To Go in Los Angeles on Fooddigger

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