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New York City: Mesa Coyoacan, Chinatown

*Post by Mark.

Our first night in New York City brought us to Mesa Coyoacan, a trendy Mexican outpost in the Williamsburg neighborhood from Chef Ivan Garcia.


I'm sad we don't have any pictures, but we were exhausted from the car ride, it was super dark in the crowded restaurant and honestly, we weren't expecting this to be anything worth posting about. Boy, were we wrong. The food was excellent. After kicking things off with some fresh guacamole and a trio of tamales, we dove into our entrees. Angela got the Enchilades de Mole- a very solid dish. But it was my entree that completely blew me away. The Chiles En Nogada was a roasted Poblana Pepper stuffed with shredded pork, apples, peaches, and almonds, topped with pomegranate seeds and drowned in the most amazing walnut sauce. We would go on to eat at Grimaldi's, Le Bernardin and Katz's on this trip but that stuffed pepper in walnut sauce would rival anything I'd eat.  I walked out thinking that no Mexican food in DC could even come close to the food I had here.



Saturday was kicked off with an early lunch at Ippudo and then we spent the early afternoon checking out the New Museum of Contemporary Art and wandering Manhattan hypothesizing what other acts of gluttony we could commit against this unsuspecting city.



Our taste-buds led us towards the afternoon bustle of Chinatown. 



We attempted to get some soup dumplings at Joe's Shanghai. I've been hearing about these soup dumplings for the better half of the last year. Angela won't stop talking about them and has even attempted to make them at home (though she doesn't talk about the latter as much). There was an hour wait and we HAD just eaten Asian food for lunch #1, so we decided to move on.

We drove back across the Brooklyn Bridge and opted to go stand in a different line instead. This one for the world-famous pizzas of Grimaldi's.

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