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*Post by Angela.

Horror of horrors, the other day at lunch, Mark and I realized that there was no food in the fridge, as we had eaten the last of the chicken leftovers the previous day. Luckily for us, I work/live in an area with tons of great lunchtime options, so Mark and I decided to meet up for a little mid-day date at Commissary, on P Street between 14th and 15th. This Logan Circle "neighborhood place" is part of the eatwelldc group of restaurants (which also includes Logan Tavern, the Heights, and Grillfish), and offers a huge menu, great prices, and fun drinks, although I did not partake of any of their yummy cocktails this time around, due to my having a whole afternoon of work to get through. While the food isn't mind-blowing, Commissary offers basic American fare, decently executed, and you definitely get your money's worth. It's a great go-to place for a laid-back lunch, dinner or brunch.  



Every other time I've been to Commissary (only on the weekends), it's been packed, so I was happy to see plenty of available tables when Mark and I walked in at around 1:30. I really like the wide open feel of the space, and the patriotic color scheme and decor is cute without being over the top.

It was suffocatingly muggy outside that day, so we decided to start with a light appetizer, the green bean salad. The green beans were complimented with a peppery cider vinaigrette that went really well with the fresh tomato. You can almost never go wrong with adding pecans to anything, but ours seemed to be hiding beneath the dish rather than sprinkled over top. The ingredients (namely the pecans) didn't necessarily all go together, but overall, the dish was a fresh, zesty way to start off what looked to be a heavier meal.



I ordered the fried fish tacos with guacamole and salsa for my entree, and got a side of corn and bean salad. The tacos could have benefitted from some better toppings, and more of them - they were served plain (just fish in the tortilla and nothing else), and the salsa and guacamole were mediocre - but the fish was really good, with a nice crunch on the outside and flaky, moist, and well-seasoned white fish (don't know what it was) on the inside. I'm really glad I opted for the corn and bean salad, as I added it to my tacos for some additional flavor. 



Mark got the goat cheese and sun-dried tomato burger. He loved the presentation, but was disappointed to find that his medium rare burger had been cooked a lot closer to well done without any remaining trace of pink. By the time he bit into the creamy goat cheese he was back on board, but couldn't help but wish his burger had been jucier and a little less overcooked. His fries were thinly sliced and really tasty without being overly greasy.



We walked out of the restaurant in under 45 minutes, perfectly satisfied and ready to jump back into work. Commissary isn't necessarily fine dining, but it's pretty darn good at what it sets out to do, which is provide good food at "honest prices" in a casual and fun environment.  I'm glad I have this reliable option in my neighborhood!

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