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The Chicken Lady

*Post by Mark.

Do one thing and do it well. That seems to be the mantra for The Chicken Lady who makes a pretty mean chicken, no matter which way she's serving it. Fried chicken, chicken pot pie, Thai chicken - you name it. If it's got chicken in the title, she does it and does it well.



The brick and mortar location, merely a front for her catering business, can be found in a tiny space in a San Vicente shopping plaza. Inside, the floral embellishments are heavy-handed, giving off a vibe that would fit somewhere between a mortuary and a psychic's parlor if not for all the pictures of celebrities adorning the wall. Gathered here are pictures of an impressive list of celebrity clients, including what appears to be the entire cast of the original Beverly Hills, 90210. And that brings us back to the matter of what's coming out of the kitchen: the Chicken Lady's pride and joy, which has so evidently endeared her to half of Hollywood. 



And that may be the lone downside of The Chicken Lady. Her comfort food is in such demand that we have to share her. While she's meeting the catering demands of movie productions and A-List clientele (see client list below), the Chicken Lady storefront is only open for lunch during weekdays. But if you're able to squeeze in a Chicken Lady lunch break, you likely won't find yourself disappointed. 



Chicken dishes are each served with a salad and a side - a relative steal for under nine bucks.  My crew, eager to try a number of dishes, decided to go tapas style. First up were the Chicken Tenders (below). A cornerstone of comfort food if there ever was one and the Lady does not disappoint. Did someone say comfort food? The Mac n' Cheese was also top notch, made with an interest blend of cheeses. When I asked her point blank what the secret ingredient was, The Chicken Lady merely smiled. The magician never reveals her secrets.



Our least favorite, if we had to pick a least favorite, were the Mesquite Lime Tenders (below) along with a side of french fries. Still great, but not much is going to compare to those classic Chicken Tenders and Mac n' Cheese. One thing that the Chicken Lady does pride herself on is the healthful nature of her food. It's certainly a tricky balancing act providing such savory comforts without getting actors and actresses fat at the craft services table.



I thought the Chicken Tenders couldn't be topped, until I tried the Chicken Thai Sticks (below). These sweet and sticky tenders were glazed with The Chicken Lady's 'Sexy Sauce' (don't look at me, I'm literally reading this off the menu). This particular entree came with a side of baked beans. They were just about as delicious as baked beans can be.



Depending on the day, you're likely to be surprised by a special of some sort. Our beginning-of-the-week-doldrums were cast aside by the mention of Sweet Mondays. We all got one of these tasty cheese pies for free (with the purchase of our entrees). It was yet another one of those secrets that the Lady was tight-lipped about. 



The Chicken Lady has been filling Los Angeles area stomachs for over fifteen years and there's a reason she's still around. If the sweets aren't your thing, head in on Thursdays for Chicken Pot Pie. Or Fridays for Baby Back Ribs. 

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