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The Griddle Cafe

*Post by Mark.

It's 8:15 on a Sunday morning and the line is already snaking out the front door onto Sunset. Luckily we're close enough to walk, though rolling out of bed early enough is the tricky part. By the time morning is in full swing, The Griddle Cafe is already bustling - packing elbow-to-elbow diners into the tiny West Hollywood Cafe like calories packed into the red velvet pancakes.


More diners yet are squeezed around the bar, where we spotted Jeff Goldblum brunching with his girlfriend. This is the kind of place I imagine Europeans assume that Americans eat at on the regular. The crowd shovels mountainous caloric concoctions into their mouths. As we perused our menus, the gentleman besides us licked a plate of eggs benedict clean before moving onto a towering plate of frisbee-sized pancakes smothered in cream and nutella. The (shockingly slender) gentleman made it about 5/6th of the way through the pancakes before giving up. This was clearly the place to be if you wanted 10,000 calories inside of you immediately.  



Angela stayed away from The Griddle's carb-ier menu choices, settling on the omelette 'Pomodoro' (below), which was loaded with fresh chopped garlic sauteed with tomato, basil and parmesan, and came with hash browns and garlic bread. She added some shrimp, which were good-sized and almost surprisingly nicely cooked. While the omelette itself was very tasty and well-seasoned, Angela would have been happy to leave off the accompanying potatoes, which tasted a little stale and fairly bland. The portion size was pretty generous, still probably a more balanced meal then some of the Griddle's more ridiculous options.



Speaking of those ridiculous options, I made the ill-advised decision to get the 'Peanut Bubba' crunchy french toast (below). I've had breakfast for dinner before, but this was dessert for breakfast. Dipped in a peanut butter crunch and then grilled, the hearty portion of french toast is practically a garnish to the... um... dollop of cream melting overtop. My meal was really tasty, but way too sweet for me (yes, even me) to enjoy the whole thing. I should've offered the rest to the ambitious gentlemen seated next to us. 



The short walk there became a long waddle on the way home. 

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