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Senor Fish

*Post by Angela.

Fish tacos are a regional favorite here in Southern California, and are something I crave on the regular. We'd heard a friend sing the praises of Senor Fish from the moment we arrived, so when I saw the Groupon deal for the popular area chain, I snagged two and dragged Mark over to the Eagle Rock location for some seafood and tortillas. This wasn't too difficult after a promise to visit the Eagle Rock Brewery after dinner.



I don't know if it is the typical Senor Fish layout, but the Eagle Rock location featured a relatively small inside dining area. Which didn't matter, because on that particular evening, the weather was beautiful and after ordering and grabbing a couple of Stone IPAs, we chose to scarf outside on the sprawling deck encircling the colorful building.  



Mark contented himself with an asada (beef) quesadilla (below), which was a pretty average offering. The meat was tasty, but a little on the stringy side.



I, on the other hand, was there strictly for the seafood. I started out with one each of the fish and shrimp tacos (below). These were very messy but pretty nice - the seafood bits were fried just enough to cook them through, and the batter was light and crunchy. However, nothing really jumped out at me about the flavors - I've had better and worse. I would have loved something...well, more, a lacking that wasn't rectified by the addition of Senor Fish's array of salsas. I enjoyed these, but I'm pretty confident I could make equally good versions at home.



By far the best thing out of the kitchen? The scallop burrito, huge and hearty (below). While there was a whole lot going on inside that tortilla, the rest of the fillings didn't overwhelm the flavor of the scallops - partially because the burrito was absolutely stuffed with the plump and delicate seafood.



The verdict? Not bad for an affordable chain, especially with the online deal. While I know I can find better fish tacos in the area, I'm happy to have another Senor Fish Groupon to use sometime this summer.

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